A Date Has Arrived!!

So Friday morning as we arrived at swimming, a private number called…

These days that always seems to be the NHS in some shape and form for me! But on this occasion it was amazing but scary news… I have been given a date for my Gamma Knife Radiosurgery. And not only have I been given a date, but one that was only 10 days away!!

In my mind, the date for my gamma knife was going to be closer to summer.

I knew that the hospital had needed to apply for funding for me, plus they said I would fall into the 18 week waiting list category so having only seen the consultant at the beginning of February I hadn’t really figured I would be seen until June time.

I had had a follow up appointment booked for April at Oxford (my main hospital) and had spoken with them after my husband called them as he was concerned with the level that my headaches had increased. I spoke with my specialist nurse and she had said she had emailed Sheffield to find out where they were at with my admission. The next thing I had was a letter advising me that my Oxford appointment has been shifted back to July! I was obviously a  bit concerned and now my specialist nurse was on leave so couldn’t get any answers on this.

Then on Friday morning the call came to confirm my dates!! I can’t decide whether I should be nervous or excited!

So for those of you that are interested, here is the details of what will be happening!

I have to go in on the first day to have a blood test and receive a short course of steroids to minimise the chance of my brain swelling. Then I am free to go and report back the following morning for the actual treatment itself.

When I arrive for the treatment, I have to get fitted with a head frame so they can ensure that I am fixed in the right position. I then have an MRI scan with the frame on so they can ensure the precision of my treatment along with an up to date assessment of the size of my tumour..


I then have a little break while the team decide upon my specific treatment plan – generally this could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours! Once the plan is sorted then I am taken in for the treatment itself. Then it is frame off and back to the ward to be reviewed to ensure I haven’t had a funny turn or anything then should be discharged!

It sounds so straight forward…

… yet this could be my cure! My type of brain tumour, Cavernous Sinus Haemangioma, is thought to be made up of multiple blood vessels and essentially the gamma knife scars these and stops them from growing. And as the scar heals, it should start to shrivel and reduce! At least I think this is what the consultant said…

Am I nervous yet?

I am so mixed up with my emotions as on one hand, it is amazing that this has come around so quickly! I’m excited at the thought that this treatment could really benefit me, I’m petrified at the realisation that I will be having a frame screwed right through to my skull with only a local anaesthetic and I’m nervous because what if it doesn’t work.

Like any treatment, there are so many ups and downs and I am hoping and praying that this is the up for me. We have been on such a roller-coaster as a family over the last 2 years since I was diagnosed and I really hope that the majority of 2017 can be spent enjoying ourselves knowing that I am getting better!

3 thoughts on “A Date Has Arrived!!

  1. From 1 brain tumour mother to another; keep fighting it, this is your moment to win the battle, you are stronger than the tumour and when you look back on this testing time in your life, you will be able to smile and say ‘I won’.
    Good luck with the gamma knife. Keep us pisted on your progress. Lots and lots of love. Xxx

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