About Me!


My name is Jess and I am a 36 year-old married mother of one princess/diva! Isla-Rose was born in March 2014 then in February 2015 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour after suffering with double vision for 4 months.

Darren, my husband, was working overseas at the time so gave up his job and came home the next day as we were told I was likely to start treatment within 2 weeks. However, due to the suspected nature of the tumour, I ended by on a slower process so underwent brain surgery in November 2015.

Following the surgery, I was told that a chunk had been removed (so the tumour now looked like pacman) and the biopsy revealed that I have a Cavernous Sinus Haemangioma. This is an extremely rare tumour which very little is known about however they are generally slow-growing.

Based on this information, life carried on and in June 2016 I had my first follow-up MRI scan. Naively I assumed that the lack of contact from the hospital in the 6 weeks between my scan and consultants appointment suggested that all was fine so Darren and I went ahead and brought a new car, house, puppy and business thinking we could start getting our lives back on track!

I then saw my surgeon to be told that the tumour had not only grown back, but had grown some more since! Life has been a bit of a roller-coaster since then emotionally however I am currently on a trial of a drug that has some limited evidence to show it can help shrink this type of tumour. I am also on the waiting list for Gamma Knife Radio Surgery which is likely to be at some point in 2017.

One of my biggest coping mechanisms unexpectedly, was the therapeutic nature of blogging! This was something I started with my business but I need that to be more focused so decided to start this blog in line with starting my second business! So if you are interested in looking at my business pages then click here for JFTP Business Fairy – Jess Richardson or here for Forever Living otherwise enjoy my blogs, get involved with my social media and talk to me!

Thank you
Jess xxx