Detox Day 1!

So today was day 1 of the detox programme and has been a reasonable day!

I thought I would have been craving food a lot more than I was, even still having to feed the toddler throughout the day wasn’t that painful.
By about 2pm, I made my shake for a late lunch and I had picked chocolate. As it is made with milk, it was really creamy and yummy so I got all excited about how I could warm the milk up for my evening shake and it would be like a nice hot chocolate…

Then I checked the book again…

Oh that’s right, no evening shake!¬† I think that was probably the hardest part as by then I really felt the hunger. However after a pint of water and a couple of celery sticks I have made it through till 8.30pm where I plan to be asleep soon before the hunger kicks in again!
Doing my measurements this morning was fine¬† and not a big shock however hubby did the photos tonight and that is always one to make me feel queasy as I don’t like my shape at the moment and want to use this detox to help me get my mojo into the right place to get the fitness programme rolling at the end!
So tomorrow is identical to today and I have and feeling that I may be chewing my arm off by the end of it! However day 3 allows dinner which I am already excited about!
This is where the photos come in handy as they are my reminder of why I am doing this!

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