Detox Day 2

And so day 2 of the detox draws to a close!

And it definitely hasn’t been as bad as expected! I was much more organised today and purchased more of the free foods so it was easier having the odd snack, and I also learnt from yesterday that I didn’t have to follow normal meal times as then I was left hungrier in the evening so today everything happened later and I have lasted through much more effectively!


I increased my exercise today as well! I had to collect Isla from nursery so that is a brisk 25 minute walk there and a slow 45 minute dawdle home as she likes to walk with me now rather than use the pushchair! I also tried a 6 minute workout that my lovely friend shared on Facebook, so I did 15 squats, 15 push ups, 30 sec plank and 15 bicycle crunches before breakfast! It was a great mini workout to start me with and one that I hope to do every day, although Isla may well be doing it with me…

Side Effects

I don’t think I have had any side effects from these first 2 days (unless drooling over the toddlers food counts) except the need to wee like every 30 minutes!! I thought I was really good at hydrating anyway, but I suppose the lack of food is making me drink even more and I can’t believe how frequently I need to go!

The Exciting Bit

Tomorrow feels like it could well be Christmas Day as I am so excited for it to arrive. On the menu board tomorrow, I get an extra shake AND a meal! This may make me sound weird but after 2 days of a very restrictive cleanse, this prospect is ridiculously exciting! I haven’t even finished today and yet I am already contemplating whether to heat my milk for my morning shake to get a hot chocolate and start the day in a nice, cosy fashion…

Just keep an eye on whether the extra shake and meal was as really as good as I am imagining as I will be telling you all about it in the blog for Day 3!

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