Detox Days 3 and 4

Day 3 on the detox saw the introduction of an additional shake and a meal!

Sorry for missing day 3 but the satisfaction after dinner was too great to tempt me into moving to write my blog!

Day 3

So Day 3 seemed like a doddle in comparison to days 1 and 2! Having a breakfast and lunch shake, a 600 calorie dinner plus the various supplements kept me pretty full and reduced the free foods I was snacking on. I have tried to focus my meal on things that I think the whole family can eat and enjoy to make this as least disruptive as possible. Last night was chicken, rice and vegetables so hubby was happy to eat this, and once he loaded a bit of pepper sauce in then he was happy! And the dog definitely appreciated the chicken for breakfast this morning.

Day 4

Day 4 possibly felt a little harder purely because I was going to a coffee morning at my friends and she makes the most amazing lemon drizzle cake which I couldn’t touch! So instead, I prepped my days fruit and took a pot of raspberries with me so at least I could satisfy my sweet urge easily.

Breakfast was a touch awkward when my daughter decided that she wanted a shake like me instead of her cereal, but some tough negotiations later we were back on track!

Dinner was slightly varied as we had jacket potatoes with mince and salad. A pretty yummy effort and again it was something easy that the kids ate it too!

Side Effects

I had worried about what potential side effects might have come from the detox but I have been surprised at the lack of suffering! As I said in a previous blog, it has only been the incessant need to wee that has been at all annoying and even that has reduced now my food intake has increased!

I am quite surprised that I have made it nearly half way so easily! Just one ore day to go then I am over halfway and can focus on day 10 where I can make free choices although it is my sisters birthday…. And I think I may well be moving onto F15 by then!

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