Detox Days 5 to 8!

So I have been a bit quiet on the latter part of my detox as I thought it may get a little boring having a daily food run down!

However I have persevered and kept with it through out. As a general rule I have really enjoyed the detox although it has had some tough points. In particular I have been really impressed with the quality of the shakes! I have tried just about every diet going over the years including Cambridge where you just live on shakes! Through none of these diets have I found the shakes to be as tasty and filling as those on the Clean 9!

The weekend has probably been the toughest part.

Luckily I started mine so only had one weekend to get through, but when everyone is home and feeding it is really hard to restrain and stick to the shakes and the free foods but I managed. Sunday was a weird one as we always have “naughty” day where we don’t worry too much about the healthiness of what we are eating and just enjoy it! But this Sunday I was determined to be good with it, so I managed to work my portion size of our roast down so that I retained some calories for dessert. I managed to find a great recipe for pancakes which were low calories so I still had a treat too!

Have clear goals

I think it really helps to have clear goals as to why you are doing something like this as it helps keep your focus and mindset in the right place. It has made me realise that I don’t make enough time for myself to exercise so I now need to change the structure of my days to fit this in.

However I have decided to continue this journey through onto the F15 Beginners programme, which is more focused on good nutrition and exercise so that it can be an ongoing programme that becomes part of daily life. With the F15 I have opted for the vanilla shakes as I can make more smoothie style meal/drinks for my 1 shake a day which will keep them varied.

Plus I am going to have to make time for my exercise which will hopefully be fun for me and the toddler as she quite enjoys helping me count. Although she is stricter than any personal trainer I have ever met as she tries to make me do more even when I am finished!

In other news

I was slightly disappointed this week to have my appointment at Sheffield cancelled. This appointment was for my initial consultation regarding the Gamma Knife Radio Surgery that I should be having soon (ish). However they have ave only pushed it back a week so I am heading there nest week and hoping that a date for the treatment will follow soon after, just to allow us to plan our family time for the rest of the year!

I also meet with the Brain Tumour Research charity who do amazing work, and I have agreed to help where I can with my story of diagnosis and the treatment and follow up since. So they wrote this amazing piece about me which you may have seen on facebook. I have been blown away by the amount of people I don’t know that have responded to this and I can only hope that it increases awareness and fundraising for this amazing charity to allow them to continue vital research into the best treatment for brain tumours.

So I think that is all for now however I will do a little piece tomorrow to let you know how the last day of detox went, plus the results I achieved!

2 thoughts on “Detox Days 5 to 8!

  1. Well done Jess and good luck with the next step. But tomorrow you can eat at your sister’s birthday meal. Hurrah. x

  2. Hi. I am overwhelmed by your courage and selfless ways. I too am living with a primary brain tumour. 4 operations’s still there moving, living and just waiting to suprise me on the MRI scan…now I have my beautiful boy aged 3.

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