It Has Been A While

It feels ridiculous that it has been 6 months since my last blog as so much has happened in that time!

So I will try and run down the last 6 months as quickly and easily as possible. A little nervous that by documenting this time, it will make me feel that actually I am just a lazy arse who hasn’t bothered!!!

Following on from the last blog

So we go back to the beginning of April and my trip to Sheffield for my stereotactic radiosurgery… We travelled up the morning before my treatment as I needed to be in the day before for blood tests and some short term medication. Whilst hubby,  child and I were driving to Sheffield, my 89 year old grandma had a fall and was rushed to A&E in the same hospital where my dad was having a colonoscopy! So by the end of the day, I had a grandma admitted with unknown injuries and my dad was advised that they had found a mass which they suspected to be bowel cancer.

I suddenly felt, surprisingly, like I was actually ok and my treatment was about to be a walk in the park in comparison to everything else going on….

Gamma Knife Day

So Tuesday arrives and it is time for me to go in! We booked into a hotel 5 minutes from the hospital so I headed up there leaving Darren and Isla-Rose to head off ans entertain themselves. Naively I don’t think I had realised the full extent of what was going to happen. I was taken down to have my frame fitted to my head and was verging on tears while they were screwing it on, love the staff as they kept topping up the local anaesthetic but that doesn’t take away the pressure feeling. Toddled off for an MRI to gain positioning and all is ok. Then begins the waiting game for my slot.

Darren and Isla came back to see me and to bring in a morale boosting Krispy Kreme for me ;-). Poor Isla didn’t even want to give me a cuddle as I looked so bizarre with this metal frame attached to my head! I finally got called in my turn at 5.15pm, my neck was so tired holding this frame up that I was more than ready for the lie down! So the treatment sounds so lush and easy, I got to lie down inside a tunnel for an hour and 16 minutes, with music playing to listen to and that is it. However the reality of that was that my sedative was wearing off, the pain killers were wearing off, so by the time I reached the final 10 minutes I couldn’t stop the tears.

When the nurses got me out, and for about the following 3 hours, I simply couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. I had the frame removed straight after coming out the machine but that didn’t ease the pain from where it had been. There was then a 2 hour wait on a ward to ensure I wasn’t going to have any adverse reaction before I was allowed to return back to the hotel. I ended up taking the week off work as I just felt so rough.

Later that week

Then  it was my husbands turn to go into hospital, he had to have a lump removed from his back. Unfortunately it was deeper than he thought so after his, last op of the day, surgery he then had to lie with heavy pressure applied for the following 4 hours so didn’t end up being discharged until nearly 11pm on a Friday night! He has had such a rough ride from his surgery as his wound got infected so he ended up having to have it re-cut open twice and then see the nurse every day to have it packed and dressed until it finally closed up. Then 3 months after surgery, we even found a random stitch that hadn’t made it out with the others!

My Dad

So move forward a couple of weeks to my dads biopsy results and he has diagnosed with bowel cancer. He was in for surgery pretty promptly and they managed to remove the tumour however he was left with a stoma bag for several weeks. In good news though, the results post surgery came back and the whole tumour was removed so no follow up treatment was required other than reversing the stoma which has been done and he is now back to his usual self pretty much. It must have been so daunting for my dad as it was his first time in hospital since he was 4 years old and at 78 that isn’t bad going!!


So grandma was eventually released after about 3-4 days in hospital and was lucky enough to have got away with just bruising. She has had a trying few months with various ailments taking her back and forth from the doctor and hospital however things seem to have settled and medications adjusted to allow her to have the best quality of life. And as I write this, we are only a week away from her 90th birthday celebrations!

So Back to Me!

I have recovered well from the treatment but the worst part of it all was not the actual frame or treatment in the end, but the realisation that it will be at least 12 months before I have a scan to see if it is starting to work! So my next MRI is booked for April/May 2018 with the follow up consultant’s appointment in June 2018. In more exciting news (for me at least), DVLA have allowed me my driving license back so at least I have my independence!

I am still having the botox to sort my double vision which is frustrating when it wears off but worth it the rest of the time. Just hoping I don’t have any kind of a reaction to that as I hate having the double vision as I work round with my head at a funny angle or one eye closed so I can see easily!

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  1. Yes it has been quite a time for all of us. Let’s hope that next six months are quieter. x

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