A Parents Work is Never Done

I think it would be fair to say that majority of parents feel that their work is never done!

And I don’t think that is any more or less relevant to parents who work, are self employed or are stay at home parents. I think there is an eternal guilt trip on parents, that whenever you stop in the evening, you have to second guess your day to see if you did your best by everyone.

Parenting can be a juggling act!

I have recently increased my working hours in my day job, which is a great opportunity and one I am really enjoying. In turn Isla has an extra morning in nursery but also has more time at home while I am working. There are many times where I doubt myself over whether she has enough attention and/or stimulation. But then I remember that we are quite fortunate that she is able to be at home with me while I work, then gets time with Daddy when he gets in too before dinner and bed time.

But is there any point when you stop doubting yourself?

I have met stay at home parents who worry that their kids might benefit from being in a nursery to help improve their socialisation skills. Then there are those parents who work full time, who have the worry that their child doesn’t have enough quality time with their parents.

Is there any happy medium? And is there any point where you stop worrying and just accept that this is the way it is!

This last few weeks has been bedlam for us. As we approach Isla’s third birthday, nearly every weekend is taken up with different parties to go to of all her friends. And it is so lovely that she has this great group of friends who have known each other since they were babies.

On top of this, Isla finally made her decision to potty train at the weekend! This has been amazing but I do wish that she didn’t pick the same day as our washing machine packed up… However she has done so well and we are really proud of her.

Party Time

We have just a month until her birthday and she desperately wants a party of some description, but it is so hard to know what is the best kind of party to have! I have looked into some types of party and realise how expensive these can be and is that really justifiable for a 3 year old? Then of course comes the politics of who you invite! Her core friends are a no brainer to me, but what about nursery friends? Do you invite her close friends from nursery or not? She sees them once a week and I have never met their parents so what is the social norm?

Coming away from parenting

I recently had my initial consultation in Sheffield at the specialist centre for the gamma knife radio surgery. This has been a really eye opening visit and I have come away feeling so positive that this is the right treatment for me, and if all goes to plan then it could also be the last treatment I need! It has been so lovely to leave one of my hospitals appointments actually feeling so upbeat about what is happening. That is no reflection on the team at the John Radcliffe as they have been amazing and also recommended this for me!

Inevitably I am at the mercy of the NHS to agree my funding for the treatment and then to get it booked in for me round the normal waiting lists.

I do have to say, I am so appreciative that we have the NHS there as they do an amazing job and offer such support and fantastic service when you need them to. It is such a shame that there are people out there who are happy to criticise or abuse the NHS, but maybe don’t appreciate how invaluable they are when you really need them!

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