Reaching the end of the terrible two’s…

It is a Thursday morning, the day before my daughter turns 3 and I am writing about the alleged end of the terrible two’s!

But who warned me about the start of having a threenager?! She hasn’t even turned 3 yet and already I can’t decide which is worse as this version answers back! In some ways it has made life so much more entertaining but, my god, the frustration that hubby and I feel at times is ridiculous!

The last year has been a real mixed bag of emotions as a parent. Isla-Rose has been an absolute superstar o

verall and ha

s changed so much. But there have been so many highs and lows along the way!

Some of the highlights

Her speech is amazing and we can now hold a proper conversation, it may not always make complete sense but she does pretty damn well! And to hear her say “love you mummy” before just melts my heart no matter what else may have happened during the day!

As stupid as it may sound, watching her ability to move! She runs around so competently now and can move in lots of different ways! Her current favourite thing to do is try and watch TV upside down as it looks funny! She also does

And the reality…


some of you may not see these as low points as these are inevitably the funny parts of day to day life with a

toddler and therefore probably make for much better reading then the heart tugging, stomach turning, mushy bits!

Coming home from nursery one day, Isla asked if she could colour us in when we get home. I asked if she meant do a drawing and she said no I want to colour us in. Didn’t think much of it and carried on. Later that afternoon the little monster had only managed to open my nail varnish (god knows how as I struggle!) and colour herself in!! Thank god for aloe hand and face soap as it managed to clean her up amazingly well but I totally freaked out!

Went to the library to pick some new books. Isla made her selection and hadn’t picked anything strange so we checked them out and came home. That night she gave the first one to me to read. The book was called “Tom’s Sunflower”, started reading it and thought that all was a little bit strange. Carried on and was thinking it didn’t read like a normal children’s book, oh yup that’s right, she has picked a book all about dealing with parental separation!

There was, of course, her gift for successfully potty training. Isla totally loves the film Trolls at the moment and the character Poppy is her favourite. So as a well done for potty training we brought her the poppy outfit, including pink wig. She got it shortly before she we went out to for a coffee then birthday party so she insisted in getting changed and wearing it. Wouldn’t be so bad but she then decided we would walk to meet our friends as she wanted to go straight away so she made me parade her up and down the high street whilst she was wearing her bright pink wig!

Sticking on the trolls theme, one of her big loves is singing and dancing along with it. It was cute the first few times but 4 times a day became a bit much… However her favourite song recently has been Get Back Up Again which she has loved singing, only her lyrics (or speech) has been a bit off… At the point where the song says “and if you knock knock me over” (if you have seen trolls you know you are singing it) this beautiful specimen of mine has been singing “knock knock you pervert” or at least something that sounds just like it!

Her other favourite film of at the moment is Sing! Which to be fair has some good music in it! One of her favourite songs is Oh My Gosh which is totally worth watching if your not familiar with it to understand my pain of her singing it!

Anyway I am going to leave it here as I started this blog on Wednesday and for various reasons it is now Friday and the birthday and I have only just finished!! So off for a weekend of fun with a 3 year old and be back soon xx

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